With the given size of the web being so huge and continuing to grow at a rapid rate of knots everyday. It seems that the best and easiest way to be able to accumulate financial freedom online is to concentrate on learning how to make money from niche marketing. By focusing on a certain small or some-times referred to as " tight " segment of what is a much broader market segment, you can actually achieve quite considerable profits.

Niche marketing can be best defined as a target market that is highly specific, it has lots of people searching for information on it through search engines every month, however there is a relatively small amount of web pages returning through their search results pages, meaning much less competition to deal with.

This means there is money to be made in that niche, especially if there is 4 or more paid sponsor ads on the left, if marketers are spending money on advertising within that niche, then they are making money or otherwise they would not be spending good money on advertising there, make no mistake about that.

Once you have researched your niche market and have come to the conclusion that there is sufficient scope to make money, you need to search places such as Clickbank.com to find products to promote on your blog that fit right in with your chosen niche.

When you have done that, the easiest way to quick profits and recognition as someone who could be seen as an authority on the niche subject is to write a series of related articles that are completely original and unique and using no copied material or duplicated content from the web anywhere. Always use your own words and style.

When writing the series of articles, a minimum of 10 to start with, each one should be constructed around a very select keyword related to your specific niche, these can be found with a simple and free search at wordtracker.com. Always write easy to read articles that contain helpful, relevant and informative information that is lightly scattered with the carefully acquired keyword.

The keyword placement is for the search engines to be able to find your specific information and then place it high in their results because they love unique and genuine content. The keyword should also be in the article title as well.

After you have finished writing your articles, the next step is to either make a new free hosted blogger.com blog or download the wordpress blog software and then upload to your own hosting service. Either way, make sure that you use the keyword/s that are most relevant to your niche in your blog web address or domain if registering one. Also use the same keyword/s for your actual blogs title as well. This all helps in how the search engines find and then view your blog. Then spend a little time on placing the advertisements for the clickbank products you have sourced earlier in strategic positions with-in your blog.

When you have done the setup of your new blog, it's time to publish your specific articles. A little tip here : Always publish your articles to your blog first before submitting them to the free article directories. By doing this the search engines see your blog as the original authority and will give it much better positions in their results sending you much more of that free organic traffic. If you was to submit to the free article directories first they would be seen as the originating authority website for the information and be given better search results and traffic, and your blog seen as duplicated content and slapped backwards severely in their results.

Continue to write more unique content and adding it to your blog on a regular basis, like every two days, and you will stay at the top of the search engines, and if you have done your work properly, you should soon see profits and returns coming in at a pretty quick pace. After that success all you have to do is apply the same formula to any new niche that you have researched and every time you do it gets easier and faster to do.

By simply learning how to make money from niche marketing, you will be able to find and see an absolute plethora of markets that are untouched and just waiting for someone to become the authority guru with-in it, and profiting from it at the same time.