Many marketers have learnt how to create a sellable product or acquired products that they thought would sell well and, in their enthusiasm, set up everything from sales letters to websites to getting traffic. However, a lot of these marketers have forgotten the single most important factor that will affect their product sales – and that is the "sellability" of the product.

When you begin creating products or buying rights to a certain product to sell, the most important factor you must take into account is the demand of the product.

Do people want your product?

It is simply stupid to waste a month's time preparing a product, setting up the website and required sales techniques only to find that people do not even flick an eyebrow at your product, no matter how much traffic you throw at it, but many marketers do this very thing everyday thinking that it is the right way to do it, and find after some time that is all for nothing as there was no market demand for their actual product, no matter how good it may be!. So by doing some simple and fast research, you can find all the best paying niches are and profit from them.

Your final goal is to deliver the product to your customer and collect his or her money, right !. In order to do this, you must make sure your customer wants to buy your product in the first place.

How do you find out if they want your product?

Simple, research for demand for such products. One easy way is to Just ask!, Ask in forums related to your niche. Hold a survey or public poll. The Internet is a flat playing field, and you have the power to reach just about anyone in the world who has an Internet connection.

Let's say you have this brilliant idea on creating a step-by-step instruction on how to cook Malaysian home-land old-style food. First, you must find out if anyone is interested (or even heard of) Malaysian food. One way to do this, is to go to a food-related forum and ask tactfully if anyone would be interested in learning Malaysian cuisine and how to cook original home-land old-style recipes. Do not ask blatantly whether anyone would like to buy an ebook with instructions on how to cook Malaysian food, or you might be in danger of being accused of spamming. Always be attentative and up to date with each forums rules and policies.

If rules allow you to do so, you can give out a few samples of your Malaysian recipes to test the waters to see how the forum members react to them. If they show enthusiasm for learning more, then you definitely have a market in this worth exploring further. If they show no interest, then it is time to look for a new idea to market. You save time in the long run because you don't have to find out the low demand for your product the hard way, and can spend that saved time in researching your new sellable product targeted market with demand waiting to be supplied.

If your idea is welcomed by the forum members you surveyed and after further exploration into
attaining sales from this niche market
, you can go ahead and compile your extensive ebook on
cooking Malaysian food and home-land old-style recipes because there is interest in the information you possess. Where there is interest, you can easily build up desire for your product, and with desire (plus good smart marketing), your purchases will arrive naturally!

By simply spending a little time learning how to create a sellable product, then combining that with the market research you conducted, you will have an endless supply of ideas to perfectly build products that you know are almost guaranteed money in the bank, as your customers have already asked for these to be produced in their answers in your survey.

So always do research first and find your hot niches.

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