The internet today is an ever increasingly massive place for anyone to learn how to achieve internet marketing success fast. There are so many avenues available now that anyone would also be excused for thinking that it is all to much and find themselves throwing in the towel before they even start. For this group of the internet marketing sector, the best advice can be to keep it simple and focus on one marketing strategy and work at that until you achieve success with it.

Probably the most easiest and simplest strategy to try first is what is now commonly known as Bum Marketing. It is a term for a special form of article marketing, meaning that it is, that easy that even a homeless and somewhat uneducated person from of the street can achieve marketing stardom doing it.

Bum marketing is the absolute free way to not only make sales from affiliate programs and other peoples products and services, but more importantly it can present you as an expert in your chosen niche, field or theme if you provide relevant, unique, genuine and informative content to your visitors and readers that they can trust and use, which in turn if managed properly can grow you an opt-in list of very targeted potential customers and clients quite fast.

Firstly you would search for any software, ebooks, services and products that you want to promote through your resource box via a redirected domain to your affiliate link, blog, website or landing page. Once you have found the right product, construct an informative direct article explaining all the major and exciting benefits that the chosen product has, and what all the positive gains will be for them if they were to find out more. Be sure at all times to only write unique content that is from your own words and not copied or duplicated from other content off the web.

Search engines love unique genuine content and will place it high in their search engine results once it is spidered by them from your website,or the best way to just about get instant traffic to your articles is to submit them to reputable article directories that have a high PR Rank such as or , two of the very best that the search engines love.

Especially if you use some carefully chosen keywords and strategically place them in the article title, also once in the first paragraph and then once in the last paragraph, do not over-do this , a 2% keyword content is about what the benchmark is to get high results, anything above is seen as keyword spam by the search engines, and will get you black-listed quickly.

When you have submitted your articles to article directories such as those above, you could very well receive many hundreds and possibly thousands of hits to your resource box link, blog or landing page if one of the big ezine owners or publishers uses your article. And if they do, your article can be placed in front of probably some of the very best targeted hungry and ready to buy customers that are looking for the specific information you are providing.

Once you have completed this process, all you have to do is wash, rinse and apply to the next product that you have found at, and after a short period of time you will see sales starting to accumulate in your account and funnily enough a very distinct urgency to find more and more products and then write more and more bum marketing articles.

So by writing your own unique informative articles about products that you have sourced and then placing them not only on your website but also submitting them to the top article directories, and then continuing to wash, rinse and repeat the process, you too can soon be able to lay claim to being able to teach how to achieve internet marketing success fast.

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