Before you purchase resell rights to any product, especially if you are new to this and have not found a reliable source of resell and private label rights products yet, you need and must do some research to find out whether purchasing the resell rights will be profitable for you. Not all resell rights products are worth having, and if you purchased them and they were not up to scratch, they more than likely end up taking up space on your hard-drive and do nothing else, certainly not creating any profits for you anyway.

First, take a look at the product itself. Is it a quality product? Even though your name is not on the product itself, if it is a resell product, your name will be associated with selling of the product, and you don’t want to sell junk. So, make sure that the product does what it promises, and that it is indeed of value, not only to purchase but from a profit angle.

Next, you need to research the market. Is there a market for the product? An easy way to find out is to do a search in Google using keywords that potential customers would use to search for the product. Look at the sites that are advertising similar products. Also now there are simply amazing new software products on the market that takes care of these issues, all in the one nutshell, that is so easy to use that my 7 y.o. Son has mastered it in less than a few short hours.

The sponsored ads are the ones you are interested in. People and companies do not continually spend money advertising products that are not selling. Generally if there is between 6 to 8 paying sponsor ads to the left then good money is being spent on advertising, then that means there is a market for the product. Also look at related magazines to see if money is being spent on advertising.

Read the license agreement before making the purchase. If it is not available to you without purchasing first, walk away. You want to check the license to make sure that you can market the product effectively, using methods that you know work.

You want to know if the sales letter converts, but you also may want to make sure that you are allowed to change the sales letter as you see fit.

Also see if you can find out how many people are currently reselling the product. Is the market flooded? Remember that 90% of the people with resell rights either won’t be reselling the product, or they don’t know how to effectively market the product, or just simply not using it. Leaving you a much smaller and reduced amount of only 10% competition out there.

After you’ve looked at all of these issues, and answered all of these questions, you will know whether you should purchase the resell rights product or not. If the product has profit potential, it’s worth buying.