Clickbank Best Sellers List

Here is what I would do with that list. Register the domain name above, go to (where I made this list) and go find all the sites I mentioned in that list and write down the URLs, what type of product is being sold, how it is being sold and how your customers can improve on it.

Tell them how to make money in that market with their own products.

The sales letter would be easy to write for this product. The product really sells itself. You could charge anywhere from $97 to $197 for this type of product. It's like a blueprint to success.

Clickbank Best Sellers List


Dog Training

Bring Back Lost Love


Seized Real Estate - Property Auctions

Starting A Day Care Center

Saving A Marriage

Love Making Tips

How To Break Free From An Affair

How To Build A Free House

Mortgage Recycling

How To Get Organized

Scholarship And Grants Guide

How To Get A Better Lawn

Potty Train A Puppy

Starting A Catering Business

How To Throw Parties For Profit

How To Start Your Own Bar

How To Start Your Own Restaurant

Wedding Speeches And Toasts

How To Build An Auto Lawn Sprinkler

Zero Down Realestate Investing

Fixer Up Fortunes - Fixing Up Houses For Profit

Guide To Popping The Question

Tropical Fish Secrets

Baby Sleep Secrets

How To Get The Best Mortgage

How Christian Married Couples Can Have Great Sex

Indian Recipes

Online Dating Guide

Treat Your Pet At Home Instead Of Going To The Vets

Baby Shower Kit

How To Sew Roman Shades

Chihuahua Care Secrets

Learn To Speed Read

Guide To Baby Gender Selection

How To Get Into Harvard Business School

Become A Home Inspector

How To Open Up Your Psychic Abilities

Bonsai Gardening Guide

Pitbull Owners Guide

Orchid Growing Secrets

Cat Care Secrets

How To Take Your Small Dog Everywhere

BBQ Sauce Recipes

For Sale By Owner Help - Sell Your Own House & Save

Dating Manual For Men

Easy Craft Project Ideas

Love Letters And Poem Templates

Create Your Own Projection TV

Potty Train Your Child

Create The Ultimate Backyard Fish Pond

Wedding Planning Secrets

Create A Water Garden - Keep Your Pond Clean Easily

How To Make A Quilt

Train And Care For A Pet Rabbit

Train And Care For A Pet Ferret

How To Study More Effectively

Baby Safety Tips

Simple Italian Cookery

Instant Thankyou Letters

Native American Baby Names

Car Games You Can Play

Curb Appeal Secrets

Home Theatre Design Secrets

Turn Your Love Of Scrapbooking Into A Full Time Income

Soap Making Secrets

Flower Pressing Secrets


How To Pick Up Girls

How To Catch A Cheating Lover

How To Be Irresistable

How To Be Charming/Charasmatic

Clear Your DUI Record

Find Seized Electronics

Become A Great Lover

Love and Compatibility Test

Move To NewZealand

How To Become A Great Conversationalist

How To Stop Your Breakup

Get Paid To Shop

First Date Ideas

Creative Date Ideas

Learn Piano

Dating Guide For Women

How To Drive Your Man Wild

Repo Jewelry

Help On Whether You Should Stay Or Go In A Relationship

How To Spot Fake Handbags

Become A Travel Writer

Learn To Kiss Well

Get Your Ex Back

Save Money On Your Groceries

Love Letter Templates

Sexy Letter Templates

Eulogy Speeches

Travel Secrets/Save Money On Travel

How To Learn Languages Quickly

How To Speed Read

How To Immigrate To Australia./Move To Australia

Boost Your Vocabulary

Guide To FengShui/Life/Living Areas

Fly Free

Where To Retire

Settle Your Own Injury Claim

American Idol Secrets

How To Use Your Digital Camera Like A Pro

Figure Drawing Secrets

Singles Travel


Article Writing

Ebay Drop Shipping

Google Search Engine Ranking

Google Ad Words

Making Money With Adsense



Public Domain

Ebook Creation

Product Creation


Reprint Rights

Ezine Advertising

Business Ideas

Niche Market Ideas

Viral Marketing

Free Advertising

Joint Ventures

Opt In Marketing

Selling Info Products On Ebay

Selling Turnkey Businesses On Ebay

Affiliate Marketing

Reciprocal Linking

Automated Income Streams

Multiple Income Streams

Membership Sites

Where To Find Content

RSS Help

Using Spelling Mistakes For Profit On Pay Per Click Search Engines

Finding Super Affiliates

Ad Tracking Help

Mini Ebook Secrets


Burn Fat Grow Muscles


Get Rid Of Acne

How To Put On Weight & Muscle

Quit Smoking

Help On Anxiety And Panic Disorders

Cure Bad Breathe

Cure Athsma

Remove Wars Moles And Skin Tags

Stop Snoring

Curing Arthritis

Cure Heartburn

Bodybuilding And Anabolic Steroids

Natural Cancer Treatments

Learn How Not To Gain Weight While Pregnant

Cure Hairloss

Bodybuilding Secrets

Anti Aging Help

Get Great Abs

How To Cure Cold Sores

How To Get Pregnant If You Think You're Infertile

Get Rid Of Cellulite

Help Cure Bronchitis

Cure Your Yeast Infection

Cure Sciatica

Cure Athletes Foot

Increase Your Bench Press

Cure Nail Fungus

Improve Your Memory

Become A Reiki Master

Cure Allergies

Beat OCD

Cure Vertigo/Motion Sickness

Help A Child With ADHD

Cure Your High Cholesterol

Beat Stress

Lower Blood Pressure

How To Overcome Shyness - For Men/For Women

Cure Insomnia

Prevent/Cure Heart Disease

Beat Gum Disease And Tooth Decay

Cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Morning Sickness Cure

Hiatal Hernia Help

Cure Back Pain

Stop Headaches/Migraines

Cure Tongue Diseases

Cure Sinus

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Get Rid Of Headlice

How To Be More Confident

How To Be A Better Public Speaker

How To Be A Better Conversationalist

Get Higher Self Esteem

Save Thousands On Your Divorce

Alzheimer Tips

How To Interpret Handwriting

How To Read Palms

Guide To Goal Setting

Cure Depression

Dog Breeding Secrets

Improve Concentration

Cure Herpes

Golf Fitness Guide

Get Fit While You Sit

Start A Hair Salon

Cure Your Phobia's

Relief From Period Pain


Get Paid To Take Surveys

Get Paid To Shop

Buy Realestate With No Money Down

Find Grants

Selling Information Products On Ebay

Forex Day Trading

Day Trading For Beginners

Start An Office Cleaning Business

Make Money With Your Scrapbooking

Make Money With Your Hobbies

Where To Find Adventure Jobs

Get Paid To Do Things For Free

How To Get A Loan Even If You're Bankrupt

Cover Letter Templates

Get Paid To Use Your Camera

Get Paid To Drive Your Car

Start A Jewelry Business

Start A Cleaning Business

How To Get Free Cars

Work At Home Job Directory

Resume Secrets

Job Interview Success

Become A Medical Transcriptionist

Learn To Get Bigger Tips

Fund Your Flying

How To Become An Actor

Become An Advertising Copywriter

Get Your Dance Music Known By The World

Study For Exam Secrets

Start Your Own Consulting Business

Repair Bad Credit

Tax Lien Investing

Learn To Type Faster

Learn To Read Faster

How To Become An Expert In Any Niche

Start Your Own Rod And Reel Repair Business

Make Your Own Fishing Lures/For Profit

Start Your Own Food Company With Your Own Recipes

Start Your Own Talent Agency

Repair Sewing Machines For Profit

Start A Secretarial Business

Start A Cell Phone Recycling Business

Start An Import Export Business

Start Your Own Machine Quilting Business

Buy And Sell Cars For Profit

Become A Home Based Travel Agent

Start An Ebay Consignment Business

Buying And Selling Business/On Ebay

Become A Voice Over Artist

Become A Treasure Hunter

Become A Translator

Become A Tutor

Become A Talent Agent

Become A Police Officer

Become A Pilot

Become A Fighter Pilot

Become A Photographer

Become A Movie Extra

Become A Hypnotist

Become A Golf Caddy

Become A FBI Special Agent

Become A Bartender

Become An Artist Or Craftsperson

Become A Oil Rig Worket

Become A Cruise Ship Worker

Become A Fashion Designer

Become A Yoga Teacher

Become A Professional Organizer

Become An Archaeologist

Become A Bed And Breakfast Owner

Become A Book Editor

Become A Bookstore Owner

Become A Butler

Become A Cartoonist

Become A Personal Chef

Become A Celebrity Personal Assistant

Become A Childrens Book Author

Become A Coffee House Owner

Become A Doula

Become An Event Planner

Become A Fire Fighter

Become A Flight Attendant

Become A Florist

Become A Food Writer

Become An Image Consultant

Become An Interior Decorator

Become A Life Coach

Become A Makeup Artist

Become A Model

Become A Motivational Speaker

Become A Movie Reviewer

Become An Olympic Athlete

Become A Personal Shopper

Become A Wedding Planner

Become A Video Game Designer

Become A Stand Up Comic

Become A Screenwriter

Become A Personal Trainer

Become A Pop Star

Become A DJ

Become A Songwriter

Become A Television Reporter


Improve Your Golf Swing

Get Paid To Play Golf

Beat Speeding Ticket Fines

Trout Fishing Secrets

Get A Federal Fire Arms License

Largemouth Bass Secrets

Fly Fishing Guide

Golf Ball Secrets

Triathlon Guide

Increase Your Vertical Leap

How To Hit A Golf Ball Further

Tennis Secrets

How To Buy An RV/Get The Most Out Of Your RV

RV'ers Guide To Dump Stations

Best RV Parks

Car Buying Scams

Pro Surfer Secrets

Surfing Guide For Coaches

Get Paid To Install Car Stereo's

How To Build A Dory

Self Defence For Women

How To Become A Nascar Driver

How To Become A F1 Driver

Speed Fighting Guide

How To Become A Ninja

Snowboarding Secrets

Skateboarding Secrets

Wakeboarding Secrets

How To Coach Basketball

How To Coach Tee Ball

Secret Fish Bait Formula's

Strength Training For Females

How To Choose The Right Flight School

Carp Fishing Secrets

Baseball Pitching Secrets

Cricket Secrets

Planning A Golfing Holiday

All About Fantasy Camps

Slot Machine Secrets

Play Poker Like A Pro

Blackjack Secrets

Texas Hold Em Secrets

Lotto Secrets

Winning Online Poker

Roulette Secrets

Winning Craps

Horse Racing And Sports Betting Techniques

Win At Baccarat

Offroad Gokart Plans

Horse Riding Made Easy

Blast Your Bench Chest Workout

Gain Speed And Flexibility

Authentic Tai Chi Secrets

Yoga Health Secrets

How To Hit Home Runs

Volleyball Secrets


How To Repair Your Own Computer

Start Your Own Computer Repair Business

CLEP Prep Help

Securing Your PC

Resignation Letter Templates

Wholesale Directory

Stop Your Fear Of Selling

How To Give Effective Presentations

Get An Online MBA

Master The MBA Admission Process

How To Use Mp3's To Drive Hoards Of Traffic To Your Site

Basics Of Osha

How To Start An Online Radio Station

Tax Secrets Of The Wealthy

Successful Workship Tips

Create Your Own DVD's

Stay At Home Mom Business Ideas And Help

Selling On The Telephone

How To Write Reports

Guide To Cloaking

Networking Secrets

Become An Expert Webdesigner

Learn HTML Quickly

Learn Javascript Quickly

Learn C++ Quickly

How To Add Audio And Video To Your Website


Photoshop Tutorial

Dreamweaver Tutorial

How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

Increase The Speed Of Your PC

Ebook Cover Creation

How To Sell Webhosting For Profits


How To Hypnotize People

Witchcraft Spells

Magic Secrets Revealed

Learn To Play Guitar

PS2 And Xbox Secrets

Secrets To The Power Of Persuasion

Pocket Bike Secrets

Scrapbooking Tips

Hummingbird Secrets

Make Money Teaching Guitar

Learn To Play Piano

Guide Paid To Teach Piano

How To Be Funny

Paintball Secrets

Ultimate Guide To Model Trains

Orchid Secrets

Why Men Cheat

Gel Candle Secrets

Boxer Dog Tips

Koi Fish/Koi Pond Secrets


Learn To Make Money At Art Craft Shows

Coin Collecting Secrets

Stamp Collecting Secrets

Wine Cellar Secrets/Build A Great Wine Cellar/Collection

Cartoon Drawing Secrets

English Bulldog Buying Guide

Indoor Plant Care Info

Woodworking Plans

Make Your Own Cooling Vests

Magic/Card Tricks You Can Learn Today

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