Website Flipping: 5 Ideas on Selecting the
Right Domain Name

Domain name plays a very crucial part in realizing higher profits
than expected. A website with an apt domain name is more likely to
be the focus of many high paying buyers. The following are some
tips and advice which will help you in deciding on the right domain

1) A domain name should reflect the essence of the website:
A suitable domain name can work wonders for any business, as it
stands for the business’s online identity. Website flippers should
make sure that the chosen domain name is short, impressive and
memorable. A domain name which performs well with the search
engine rankings and reflects the essence of the content of the
website is bound to go for a higher price.

2) A domain name should be keyword oriented: Before
deciding on the final domain name for your flip website, one should
research on the internet to find out the most searched keywords
related to the concerned business. A website flipper should try his
level best to include that keyword in the domain name. Not only in
the domain name, the important keywords and phrases should be
intelligently included in the content of the website as well, as it
takes the website a long way in securing better ranks on the search

3) Keep the domain names away from brand names and
trademarks: Any professional webmaster should care enough to
avoid using any brand names or trademarks in the domain names.
It is essential because many potential buyers hesitate to buy such
websites. Any domain name which is most likely to infringe the
trademarks of any company is bound to lose favor in the eyes of

4) Always determine on a dot com domain name: If your plans
of website flipping does not include the monetizing part, then a dot
com domain name is best for your flip website. A dot com domain
name especially works well for business and commercial websites.

5) Register similar domain names if possible: Registering
similar domain names is very likely to result in almost double the
profits for website flippers. It is especially true, as many companies
and entrepreneurs who buy flipped websites with plans of huge
businesses. These buyers with big plans do not mind paying extra
to avoid any hassles with cyber-squatters in the future.

Selecting a right domain name requires a lot of patience and
research. An apt domain name has the potential to make your flip
website rise above the competition and hence will result in huge
profits for you.

To Your Success

Tony Markx