How to make Twitter Your Best Friend in Business.

Twitter is experiencing phenomenal growth every single day and certainly looks like continuing on that course for the next foreseeable future.

As a business owner the question isn't whether You have signed up and already using Twitter for the promotion of Your business. If You are not, then the real question is how long can Your business do without using Twitter and it's access to millions and millions of people for FREE ?.

Lets face it people, Twitter is where folks of just about every persuasion are hanging out together connecting, chatting, sharing ideas and of course letting people know about their business in some way or another. But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this.

With that being the case the actual percentage of people on Twitter that are interested in what You may be promoting online or selling in some way whether it be online or offline is in fact quite huge. This size though obviously depends on Your actual business or niche, meaning the actual variance in that percentage would fluctuate between higher and lower amounts.

Either way, with the very fact of how many people that are joining and using Twitter everyday, even a business owner or niche marketer that is within the most obscure or small markets is sure to find an audience of some size also using Twitter.

However no matter what the size Your audience may be, the ability to make the most from them lays squarely in Your ball court. Twitter users are mostly savvy and if maybe they are not, the actual closeness that happens when using this platform means for sure that the not-so-savvy person is following or followed by someone who is savvy and they will alert them to the situation at hand.

The number one way to make great long term connections who are interested in buying Your products, or even other peoples products from Your recommendations, is to NOT try selling anything at all to them within Your Tweets. Yes I know it sounds silly but it is the truth.

You first need to provide them a real reason to even listen to You before they will consider purchasing from You, and the simplest and best way to do this is to give as much free, relevant and usable content that You can combined with honest help and friendship that You can at all times.

By providing Yourself as a glowing beacon of fantastic constant free information, etc, relating to Your business or niche. The people searching and looking for that information will soon look towards You in a somewhat authority figure light and will then want to know more about You and check out Your website or blog where Your more stronger sales pitches would and SHOULD reside, in a much more warmer and much less lower barrier of being sold to type of manner

It is all about the relationships that You build first and foremost, the bigger and better You can build those valuable relationships within Twitter first, means the bigger and better Your business and it's profits will grow is certain to follow.

Make no mistake Twitter can make You a whole bunch of cash in many ways in regards to Your business and those ways continue to grow and are created everyday, but also be sure to remember that the ability for Your business to gain the most ( or NOT ) from the millions of FREE valuable contacts on Twitter relies on You approaching the use of it properly.

By building a great feeling of close community on Twitter and giving that community the ability to get constant free usable information and help from You, will do Your underlying business growth a great deal of endless GOOD.

Twitter provides the fastest growing place online for Your business to find and grow it's exposure to millions for FREE by just following a few simple steps and they are :

1. Always add value for Your Followers

2. Always build Your relationships first

3. Always be trustworthy and honest.

4. Always be prepared to give that little extra and go the extra mile for Your followers.

By providing the above points to them, Your followers will actually grow Your business for You from them just simply re-tweeting your tweet #RT ! The more great free value You add to them, the more they will re-tweet Your material. Again all this for free, Twitter rocks there is no doubt about it !

It really is quite simple, if You treat Twitter with respect and always create above board connections based on honesty and integrity, well, then Twitter will pay You and Your business back 100 FOLD and 100 times bigger !

To Your Success

Tony Markx