Branding With Logos

Today it is common for people to say that a logo is everything when it comes to branding. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A logo is important in many ways when branding but it is not where the rubber meets the road with a business and a brand. A logo is one of the smallest pieces of branding.

About Logos

It is common for many companies not to have a logo at all with their company. They may just have the name of their business in bright and basic letters in front of the store. Many online site owners do the same and just write the name of the website in bold letters at the top. A logo is important for every company and a good idea to have.

A logo may be a creative way of writing your company name in bold or italic lettering, special font,, different colors, and it may even contain a picture. A good logo is the golden yellow arches in McDonalds. This is a symbol that everyone recognizes when they see the yellow arches on a highway or side street from a distance. People immediately know which restaurant the arches are for.

A logo can be just one letter or it may even be your entire name. Developing a logo may be something you put off until the end of your branding process if you are not sure what you would like it to look like.

Tips with Logos

When you do design a logo there are many things to consider so you know that you are creating a good one. These things include the colors, how busy the logo is, a tagline, memorable, and more.

Colors are very important in a logo. They can be extremely annoying if they are too bright and hard to look at and they can be too dull and boring. It is very important to choose a wise color combination with your logo. Again, consider the audience when you design the logo and choose the colors. A more professional look for an older audience should use lighter tones and pleasing colors while children enjoy primary and bright colors.

A logo should never be too busy. It should be short and sweet. You want a company logo to be simple and easy to remember. A logo that is too busy may be annoying and hard to read.

It is important to search competitor sites and verify that there are no other companies with the same name as yours with a logo that is similar. Make sure that you never copy a logo or use a logo that is almost the same as another company also. This could cause you to be in the middle of a lawsuit if you accidentally design the same thing as someone else.

Does a Logo Really Help You Sell?

There is a lot of hype about logo creation and the web is saturated with companies offering to design the perfect company logo. Logos do not help you sell products. They are not responsible for increasing revenues. No one buys a product because the logo is cool or professionally designed.

Logos do create a positive impact for a business. A company with a logo versus a company that does not have a logo looks more professional and comes across as a more credible place to shop from. This is because a professional logo creates an image. For example, employees wearing plain blue shirts in a store do not look as professional as employees with the same plain blue shirt on and a company logo stamped on the top left chest area of the shirt.

Logos are a part of image. Your goal in branding is to create an image that has an emotional impact when the customers. This doesn’t mean to add an emotional picture or throw in a tagline to make people cry. Taglines should have an impact but make a promise you are going to deliver. Pictures should not be in logos at all but if you choose to put one in a logo then make sure that it is very small and not too busy.

To Your Success

Tony Markx