Building Brand Recognition

Building recognition can be a difficult task in the branding process. There are many ways that you build recognition. However, you must start from within the organization and work your way out to the customers and the competitors.

Corporate Overview

All companies need to write a brief paragraph about the company. Give an overview of the business, how you got started, and what makes you thrive today. The overview should be positive and encouraging. It should also make consumers think you are an excellent place to buy from.

Maybe you donate half of your proceed to a non-profit organization helping cancer. If so, then you would want to let people know here. A corporate overview is read often by most people when it is available. An overview should be included on websites, brochures, press releases, and more.

What is Your Personality?

Your personality has a lot to do with your brand. You should make sure that your personality doesn’t overpower your brand too much with the company. For example, if an advertisement or company logo would look excellent in the color yellow but you hate the color yellow then maybe you need to do a check on your personality and how it is interfering with the company brand.

It is very wise for many companies to hire a brand manager so there are not problems with personalities conflicting with a brand. The image of the company needs to be based on what looks good for the company, what is attractive to the customers, and what will sell. Your personality should not mix into the brand.

Some people say that you are your brand and your personality should shine with your brand. However, there is a fine line here with this theory. A branding manager is the best option because this person can help with image and they will have a biased point of view and they will act as a cop with the brand not allowing any personalities to interfere.


When you are creating a brand then you need to be consistent. Consistency should take place in everything that you do. Remember, brand is your image and if you are not consistent it will not have a good impact on the consumers. The primary question that you should as yourself is if you deliver everything you promise to your customers.

The answer here should always be a yes. Delivery should be consistent at all times.

To Your Success

Tony Markx