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Here you'll learn how to create hypnotic websites
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The case study you'll see in Chapter 31 is my
all-time favorite, and a perfect example of a
company that is successfully using all 3 elements
of hypnotic marketing to their advantage.

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Gift #2: Hypnotic Emails

This ebook is overflowing with valuable examples
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information. For example - "5 ways to make sure
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Gift #3: Hypnotic Publicity

All the business greats have used publicity, from
Houdini to Evel Knievel to Sir Richard Branson to
Donald Trump to, well, even yours truly. The point
is, you don't have to be a big-shot celebrity to
use publicity. In fact many small-shots became
big-shot celebrities by using publicity alone!

(This is one of most inexpensive ways to market
yourself and your business.In most cases - it is

And you may be the next big-shot celebrity if you
use publicity correctly!

Even if you don't want fame, fortune and immortality
like many, you can still use publicity to get more
traffic for your business, whether online or offline.
And the best news of all is that publicity is
usually FREE.

It's not like advertising where you have to pay an
arm and a leg to run an ad. Publicity can cost as
little as nothing.

Obviously, this marketing tool is worth deploying.

But how do you use publicity? How does it work?
How can you make it work for you? How can you get
it for nothing? Those questions and much more is what
you'll be learning in this information-packed,
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