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Review of: Instant Affiliate Submitter

Reviewed by: Tony Markx

Affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to recruit active
affiliates. They’re free to get listed in and packed with traffic because
they get top positions in the search engines.

Moreover, the reason they’re so important to get listed in is that when
affiliates go to directories, they’re usually looking for a program to begin
promoting right away. This means the affiliates you get from directories
are likely to quickly generate sales for you.

This is opposed to most affiliates you get that produce little or nothing.

The problem with affiliate directories is that submitting your listings to
them takes forever. You have to literally copy and paste hundreds of lines
of information when you submit to only a dozen of them.

And this is where Instant Affiliate Submitter comes in to save the day.

Instant Affiliate Submitter is a click-button submission tool that quickly
lists your affiliate programs in all of the major directories with ease!

It has two submission settings, automatic and semi-automatic. The
automatic submission allows you to simply fill-in your information and
click a button to get listed in a set of top directories.

The semi-automatic mode fills in your information into the forms (no
more copying and pasting) and you just click the submission buttons.

So, how well does Instant Affiliate Submitter work?

Well, I put it to the test and was immediately thrilled with results.

With the automatic mode, I just clicked start and was done in less than 10
minutes! Work that would have taken hours to do manually was
completed in a tiny fraction of the time.

Then, I moved onto the directories in the semi-automatic mode and
submitted to dozens of directories in less than 30 minutes! Best of all, the
only thing I had to do was click a few buttons.

Simply put, if you have an affiliate program or are always developing new
products, then Instant Affiliate Submitter is a life-saver.

It transforms a tedious and time-consuming effort into a point and click
job you can accomplish at lightning fast speed.

Other useful features included the ability to schedule future submissions
and the ability to mass select a general category where you want your
listings to appear.

These features are huge time-savers when you have more than one
program you want to submit.

And this relates to what I like best about Instant Affiliate Submitter.
Instead, of having to spend your valuable time doing a job that’s long,
boring, and tedious, you can put it where it’s need most… doing what you
love most!

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Tony Markx