If you are an entrepreneur, marketing is something that is
in your blood; at least it should be there if you plan to have
customers at all that will in-turn make Your Business a success.

Yet, do you market your business for true success and long
term benefits? Do You design Your marketing strategy so that
work only done once reaps residual profits for years to come ?

If you think that you do, you may not truly understand the
power and true potential of the right marketing tools.

What is marketing?

Marketing is what draws a customer to your business.
You need to let others out there know that
you are there and ready and willing to provide a service to
them.Without marketing You are one Your own.

That basic definition is not nearly enough to pull you
through the entire process of marketing for your business
success, though.
If you want long term success, take marketing much more
seriously and follow these tips for various aspects of

Determine Your Products Potential

Before you can be successful at marketing your business,
you must take a good amount of time to determine what Your product
is about, and that others do want it all ?.

In other words, what is it that your product provides?

A successful business will offer some type of immediate
satisfaction for a need that someone has. You should
consider this even before you get into business. What is it
that your product has the potential of solving or filling the
need of?

In addition to this, you need to determine how it can offer
these things to your customer in such a way as to better
their life. Perhaps you can offer them something that
solves a problem that they have but it still is something
that is affordable to remedy that solution.

Having a clearly defined benefit to market is quite essential
to getting the most from your product. People want to
know, “What will it do for me?” and “Why should I purchase
this over something else?”

When you can find out how this plays a role in your
product’s abilities, you can see the right course of
marketing that product. Answering those questions is what
you must do to find defined success here.

Pricing Matters Too

The next objective to take into consideration is that of
pricing. When it comes to marketing, you may not think of
the price that you put onto your product, but this does
matter too and can have a huge impact on sales, good or bad.

People are driven by sales and deals. They like
a product that can provide them with the ability to solve
their need but to do so in a cost effective manner.
Without the right pricing, it makes no difference how you
market the product in the end.

What are people looking for when it comes to pricing of a
product or service? They want something that is fair, not
something that will cause them to go broke. In addition,
most people understand full well that there is a need for the
business to turn a profit. The problem comes when they
are being taken advantage of, NEVER Do This To any Customer, good or bad.

In addition, competition matters here too. If your product
is better than another, perhaps it should be more, but it
shouldn’t be outrageous because, if it is, no one will bother
with it.

Take into consideration its ability to be called a
Unique Selling Proposition. This means that it will have similar but
at least some unique features that will allow it to be priced
in competition to other products while being viewed as still valuable.

Of course, as we mentioned, your product must fill the need
of someone out there. But, if there are five different
products doing that, it can be hard for you to find your
niche. Again always look for ways to differenciate Your business from
the competition and somehow make it a better proposition to the competitions

Therefore, you must create for yourself a unique
quality that will propel your marketing and your pricing.
What makes your product better, in other words?

If you are a new business owner, for example, and are
looking for a new product to invest in, you may not want to
try to come up with your own product, own service or other
component. Rather, you may just decide that taking
something that is already on the market and finding a way
to make it even better, or better priced, is the right way to

Marketing Effectively

We have talked about ways that you can market your business
successfully. Now, take into consideration your sales benefits.
Can you say that when each and every one of your
employees (or just yourself) walks in the door their goal is
to satisfy a customer?

Not just to serve a customer but to satisfy them as well. If
you can not say that, then perhaps your marketing in sales
terms is not working as effectively as it should.

Here’s what I mean. If you plan to set out and make a
profit, then your goal is to just make the most of the
business you get.
But, what if you set out to please every customer? Then,
you would not only be getting that sale, but you are also
getting to keep that customer coming back time and time
again, always be concentrating on building trust, it's a big
world out thetre so why would a potential customer come to You
instead of someone else ?. TRUST......... Never stop giving your
potential and current valued customers a reason to stop Trusting You
and Your Business.

Since we are talking about long term goals and success, it
makes sense to insure that your goal in sales is to be the
very best at what you do in order to please your customer continuously
so much so that he/she does not even consider going elsewhere
for their individual needs.

In your business, you need to keep your marketing and
sales techniques focused on creating as well as keeping
your customer.

Sales For Success

Taking this one step further, you also need to take into
consideration your sales abilities. As a successful
entrepreneur, you need to carefully consider how you are
selling, how effective it is as well as how you can improve it
in the short and long term.

If you can not sell, you can not be successful in your
business. Point blank, you are done.Of course there is
always the option to employ someone who does know how to
sell to do the job instead.

First, as the business owner, you must be able to sell
yourself. Are you the business person that is:

· Approachable

· Likeable

· Friendly

· Educated

· Dedicated?

Or are you the guy they all run away from when You walk
into their door? Selling yourself as a trusted resource for
information and product is the best way to become the go
to guy.

In addition to this, you also need to effectively sell your
product to your customer. This too goes along with
marketing your business for success.

In short, if you can not sell your business successfully, then
you have no business in business. Learn how to be excited
with your own product. Then, learn how to successfully sell
it to those around you.

You need to do this first before you encourage or train
someone else to do it for you. Being eager, excited,
positive and surely invigorating is the way to go in this

If you do not feel comfortable talking about your
product or business to your closest friends, how in the
world can you sell it to a complete stranger?

Here’s the bottom line of marketing and sales. If you can
not be successful at getting your product out there and
getting others to see it the way that you do, then you can
not possibly find success with it.

Sales expertise is essential to sales happening. Having
sales; means having customers that will come back to you.
That equals long term success for you, as a business owner.

In the end there are many things to include and think about
when You want to be an entrepreneur, marketing Your business
is essential for any type of success.

To Your Success

Tony Markx

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