Using the sales copy you have created for the web and as part of email promotional campaigns can also be used in other ways to create interest in your products and services. The great thing is that you don’t always have to come up with more original copy to create other pieces that will help to spread the word.

Here are some examples of how you can use that web copy and email text to create more promotional documents that will help you to generate additional sales.
Even if you operate mainly as a web business, it pays to participate in trade shows and conventions. Of course this means you need to set up an exhibit that will attract the attention of attendees as they walk by.

At the very least, you will want some graphics that will catch the eye that can be mounted on tables or on the back panels for an exhibit booth. Along with images, you may want to include a few snippets from the text that you use on your web site or email promotions.

Remember those crisp and concise bullets that you used as part of the email campaign? They now translate into some wonderful visual slogans to catch the eyes of conference attendees. Create some storyboards that splash those bullets across the facades in colors that will attract attention.

By using your words to entice people to come over to your exhibit, you have the chance to engage them in conversations that will help lead to the collection of leads that you can follow up on after the show closes.

Along with using your web text as graphics for the booth, consider reorganizing some of the information into a slide presentation. This will allow you to set up a computer screen and have the presentation continually running on a loop. Movement helps to attract the eye.

People will come over and check out your presentation, even if you are currently busy with other visitors. This gives you the chance to make a connection even if you are not free to engage the person in dialogue at that very moment. Because you are using words that are part of your web site, the visitors will feel a sense of familiarity when they visit your online business at a later date.

You will also need some printed matter that interested parties can take along with them. This will most likely be in the form of sales brochures. Use text from your email campaign to create one easy to read bi-fold brochure, then the text from your web site to create at least a couple of other brochures that are different in size and format.

This adds an element of visual interest to your printed matter, so odds are the visitor will take one of each. Three brochures taken would mean three opportunities to capture the interest of the reader. Chances are you will need to do little to no editing in order to adapt your web text for hard copy publications.

Keep in mind that when the trade show is over, you also have the ability to use those same brochures as part of a direct mail campaign. This sort of application, while not necessarily a big money maker, is usually worth the investment.

Going with printed mail campaigns opens up one more means of getting steady customers. Using your existing copy to accomplish the task is all the better for your bottom line.

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