With the proliferation of web videos, it would appear that many have no shame producing and distributing crappy videos. While if this is a video of your dog Charlie catching a frisbee while jumping off the dock at the lake, that is one thing.

But if this video is a business video that is promoting, demonstrating, or giving a tutorial on how to use your product, that is entirely a different matter. From the viewers prospective if you don't care about using a crappy demonstration video why would your attitude when you created your product or service be any different.

If you as a business are providing a quality product or service, then tell the world about it with videos, but You MUST do it right. By just implementing a few production details, you too can create high quality web videos.

There is a man from Wisconsin, a former Microsoft Techie, who has begun a crusade to rid the web of crappy videos. Lon Naylor shows you (with videos of course) exactly what you need to do in order to create videos that will make your business product or service shine.

In a step by step system he calls "Ace the Audio ", he shows you the techniques that can turn a bumbling and stumbling video narration into something that sounds like it was recorded at a production studio.

In this twelve part module, Lon breaks it down into simple lessons, skillfully demonstrated in video form, exactly how to produce a studio quality narration for your videos. Did I mention for a limited time, Lon is giving you access to this video completely free!

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In the members area of his site Lon takes you through a total of nine different modules, each done in the same format as " Ace the Audio ".

Starting with a fantastic video overview tutorial, Lon takes you step by step with modules like Video Strategies, Creating Killer Screencast Videos, Planning and Preparing Your Video, Recording Your Videos, Editing Your Videos, as well as a Module on Video Production.

Before you put another crappy video up, you owe it to your business to discover how with a few simple techniques you can make your videos look like high quality video productions. Your business's image is at stake, learn how simple it is to project a video image that matches the high quality of your business's products and services now.

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