This is probably one of the biggest questions I get day out!

Answer: Information

It's no secret I love selling information but a lot of people don't believe they have the expertise, credibility or time to create it themselves. (I'm not sure I totally buy that - but that's okay.)

There are 7 big reasons I love info products :

Reason #1: You have no competition. Everything you sell and your sales material is copyright protected so you can't be "knocked off".

Reason #2: Incredibly huge profit margins. People aren't paying for bits and bytes or paper and ink -- they are paying you for the value of the information.

Reason #3: You can work from anywhere you wish.

Reason #4: You can set up your business so it works on complete autopilot (that's how my web sites are set upright now).

Reason #5: No need for employees.

Reason #6: Incredibly low start up costs.

Reason #7: You get paid over and over again for work you do one time.

You see, once most people hear about all these benefits of selling information products they run around all excited and motivated to give it a go…. but sadly most fall flat on their face trying.

They don't know how to find markets interested in paying, they choose the wrong subjects, they don't know how to package up their information plus lots of other mistakes that lead to nothing but frustration.

I want to do something about that.

That's why, I'm going to hand you the biggest short cut to a complete information marketing empire with practically all the hard work done for you…

I think you'll be pretty excited when you see this "98%done-for-you-solution" here from Yanik Silver and MichaelHolland :

Public Domain Rights Profits

I have to warn you there is a strict limit of just 250 people for this 'Silver-platter' solution because if you have thousands of people out there all selling the same thing you don't have a unique product anymore. It totally de-values it for everyone, it makes it hard to find affiliates, etc.

Most of the good things of having an info product go away. I suggest you hurry and check it out because it's close to selling out again!

Public Domain Rights Profits

Listen, all the previous Goldmine releases SOLD-OUT right away.

And now these new subject-focused niched volumes are significantly less to get started with so they're expecting an even faster sell-out. It's been months since the last release and lots of people have been eagerly waiting for the newest volumes. ;)

Sincerely, Tony Markx

P.S. When I say 98% done-for-you…I'm talking all the market research, competitive analysis, keyword analysis, locating back-end affiliate revenue sources, finding potential joint venture partners, clearing the copyrights,etc.

- All for a TINY fraction of the time and money you would have to spend if you did it all yourself.

Public Domain Rights Profits

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