What do the following three items have in common?

1. A car without wheels.

2. Salty pretzels without something to drink.

3. PLR content without graphics, sale letters, emails andother marketing materials.

The answer?

They're completely worthless! Sure, you can find plenty of PLR content online that doesn't include any of the marketing materials required to sell it. And you can probably get those private label rights for dirt cheap, too.

But here's the problem...

You NEED those graphics, sales letters, squeeze pages and ads! If your PLR package doesn't include them, you'll need to create them. And if you've ever tried to build a website from scratch – including all sales copy – you know it can take weeks.

Your other option is to hire someone to create the necessary materials for you. But if you choose this option you better have deep pockets – we're talking about thousands of dollars just for the sales materials alone.

Suddenly that "cheap" PLR isn't so cheap anymore. No wonder the little guy can't get ahead in this business!

Until now...

There's a new private label content package on the market that levels the playing field so even a beginning marketer can sell like a guru. That's because it includes absolutely everything you need – from high-quality content to sales videos and right down to blog posts to pull in traffic.

And you know these are high-quality products in a hot niche because one of the biggest names in Internet marketing created this package based on his experience of what sells.

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Finally, you get a 100% complete PLR package that virtually guarantees your success. You simply can't fail when you have the exact same tools and content the professionals use to pull money into their accounts day in and day out, including:

* A professional squeeze page to help you build a big list.

* Follow-up autoresponder emails to quickly close moresales.

* A lead-generation report to grow your list, fast.

* All the graphics you need to create a professional site.

* High quality content in a laser-focused hot niche meansthis is a big-money opportunity for you!

* A compelling sales letter to make it easy to pull in theorders.And more!

You can shop around and find plenty of PLR packages that cost a whole lot more... but you won't find any that are as complete as this one.

Check it out now before they're snapped up:

Private Label Rights Business

See you inside!

Tony Markx

P.S. Here's what satisfied customer Dritan Basha has to sayabout this package,

"...I can only say that John OVERDELIVERED again. The value and the size of this new monthly package is enormous."

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