The economy is slumping in the U.S.

But that doesn't meanyou have to participate in this recession.

Am I saying you have a choice?

You bet you do! Choosing to peddle goods in the same ol' niches means you're choosing to watch your bank account slowly deflate like a birthday balloon. When people need to choose between putting food on the table or buying a dog training ebook,you can bet they'll choose to eat.

If you want to make money during an economic slump, you need to enter niches where making money is as easy as picking up shells off a beach. And right now, the Internet marketing niche is exactly what you're looking for. Think about it...People are losing their jobs. They're desperate. They can'teven afford to pay for the gas to get to work.

So what are they doing when they get online? They're not shopping for diamonds and fur coats, that's for sure. No, they're looking for solutions to their cash-flow problems. They're looking for ways to make more money without having to drive anywhere or get that second (orthird) job.

Suddenly the solution will appear in lights for them: Internet marketing. And you'll be standing by, ready to deliver all the information they need so they can finally start making ends meet. But that's only if you jump into the Internet marketing(IM) niche right now – today.

Because as you read this, it's slowly dawning on other marketers that the IM niche is an absolute gold mine right now. And the first ones to deliver the goods will get the biggest piece of this huge pie.

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Tony Markx

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