Advertisers often think their ads must be in the top position in order to make the most money.

That is a novice point of view.

The ad in the first position is more likely to receive compulsive clicks that don’t convert and at the same time, cost more.

In other words, advertisers in the #1 position that pay top dollars (the highest cost per click) to get to the top often overbid for lots of lousy traffic.

While it is not necessary to attain the #1 position, it is important for your ad to appear “above the fold,” that is, at the level where a user is not required to scroll down to find your ad.

You should aim for your ad to be in the top four results.

Being in the top 3 results is even better, as it gets increased exposure on and AOL as well.

The second, third, and fourth positions only marginally differ in their ability to drive traffic, and will cost you less.

HOWEVER, I’m going to flip-flop now and tell you the one time you should NOT listen to what I just said… and that’s when you have only 1 or 2 competitors for a keyword. This is a good place to be.

If there are few advertisers, it is likely you’ve discovered a relatively obscure keyword, which is GOOD for two reasons.

First, it is often much cheaper to get that top position and second, the obscurity means
your traffic is likely very targeted.

And if the traffic is more pinpointed, you will have very few compulsive clicks – making the top position very valuable.

These keywords are hard to find because they are often longer and receive much less traffic, so most keyword research tools miss them.

When you combine the results of these obscure keywords though, you’ll find a LOT of well-targeted traffic ready to spend at your site.

UndergroundKeywords can automate this strategy for you – just type in the main phrase of your ad group and copy+paste the long-tail phrases into your PPC keyword list with the Best Keyword Research Keyword Tool

Be sure to give a once-over for negatives (you can make a negative list on-the-fly).

In 4 clicks you can be pillaging the long tail words of your niche, which is the main source of targeted traffic and interested prospects.

Enjoy the results You will get from this Secret Keyword Research Tool


To Your Success

Tony Markx

PS – For all those highly competitive and common keywords, the 2nd or 3rd positions often convert much better than the top position, saving you money and hassle.

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