Get as many keywords in as many keyword lists as humanly possible.

To immobilize your competitors into total submission and be the dominant player in your niche, you need to come out top in the Numbers Game.

The thing is—the online marketing scene is like the arms race in the Cold War.

In the 80’s, both USA and Russia spent billions to stockpile on nuclear weapons.

Each country were getting endless supplies of nukes and other weapons of mass destruction.

Why? In a situation of abundance—with all manner of deadly guns, bombs and missiles, possessing enough firepower to destroy the world 77 times over—the only way to come out top is to keep getting bigger and better toys.

Because if not, the poor soul with less technological help is going to be a sitting duck—overmatched and overpowered.

In the same manner, in a place like the Net where there is really is no limit to the amount of keywords and search terms, the only hope you have not just to survive but to also thrive is to be more merciless and relentless than all your competitors combined.

In other words, unless you somehow have the means to generate hundreds of thousands of keywords in hundreds of thousands of markets, you’re toast!

Screw what the so-called “gurus” tell you about limiting your keywords to the top 5.

“Focus on buyer’s keywords,” they yelp.

“You get more traffic from the high level keywords than the others anyway.”

If you listen to those clowns, You could be flushing 250% of your sales down the toilet.

Know why? The combined power of the long tail is more than those expensive keywords by as much as 5 times!

You are cutting your potential by a whopping 5 times just because of half-truths you have heard from the gurus.

But no more, because…

UndergroundKeywords is all about the quantity of keywords.

A Niagara Falls level of keywords.

Well, how do we do it?

The algorithms behind UndergroundKeywords are based on two concepts, Going Broad and Going Deep.

Going Broad with the HCE Algorithm…

Our unique HCE (Human Cognition Emulator) algorithm does the ‘Going Broad’ work, which simply means you get as many related keyword groups in a niche as possible.

Everybody has a unique way of searching for things with a unique frame of mind… HCE takes all that into consideration and churns out every single possible related niche, group and mindset that your customers can possibly type into the Search Engines.

Going Deep with the Deep Sea Diver Algorithm…

The genius Deep Sea Diver algorithm handles all things related to ‘Going Deep’. And once you find every conceivable keyword group, it will plunge as deep as it can get to extract every single keyword — both the obvious and the obscure ones — ever conceivable to the human mind.

With an ultra-smart exploitation of backdoors and loopholes you are able to ‘drill’ into nearly double the keyword gold mines than Your competitors have: Do You want to Check it Out ?? The Best Keyword Research Tool Is Here

According to Google, every day, 25% of the terms typed into their engine are unique. The long tail is huge – do you have a piece of it?

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Or are you with the other 98% of your market fighting and clawing over the same few keywords?


To Your Success

Tony Markx

PS – Don’t get me wrong, the high-traffic keywords are important too, but they’re much more expensive and require way more work to defend.

The long tail has few competitors, lower bids, and a SUBSTANTIAL amount of traffic. What’s not to like about it?
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