A sweetheart deal.

But it was data and, as they say, the data don’t lie.

A spike in traffic that large should be illegal. And even when it finally leveled out again, I was still looking at a 2X increase!

Hold up, that was the end of the story… let me start from the beginning.

One of my niche businesses was built on the back of PPC (primarily AdWords) and had been running for 4+ years.

I had continuously tweaked and expanded that keyword list and let me tell you, I optimized the H-E-L-L out of that guy for every last morsel of traffic and profit.

165 ad groups, tens of thousands of keywords, huge list of money-sucking negatives – “scientifically Iron clad”... or so I thought.

But then came along this little tool. It didn’t promise the world, but it did promise a total makeover of my keyword

“Why not?” I thought.

It was so simple to use, I didn’t actually think it could be that powerful.

... but it was. My list has never been the same.

Chalk another one up for “looks may be deceiving.”

Because in fact, the results were downright delicious…

The Results

- 109% more ad impressions (now well over 1,000,000 impressions per day)

- 42% more clicks on my ads

And that’s every single day! On a list 4 years in the making!

With 42% more clicks and your list growing that much faster, it’d be even easier to negotiate top affiliate fees and JV deals in your niche.

... AND of course you’d have a ton more customers buying your product every single day.

So, how did I do it?

I used UndergroundKeywords: The Best Keyword Research Tool Available

I had 165 ad groups (note: you should have more) at the time and for each ad group, I typed the keyword phrase
into UndergroundKeywords which then shot back a bunch of related terms.

Then I pressed control+C and control+V to paste the new words into that group. I did this 165 times and voila, had like
32,576 additional words bringing traffic to my site.

You can do the same thing too: with The Best Keyword research Tool

Until then,

To Your Success

Tony Markx

PS – Don’t miss the mini-lesson here. NEVER stop expanding your keyword list. Every time you add another keyword or ad group, you’re opening another door for traffic to pour through.

And with more traffic, you have more JV deals, a bigger list, and more income. Do you have a few minutes to open
another door to your site today: Then Go To The Best Keyword Research Tool On The Web Now !!!