If you are trying to sell anything online today, then you understand the vital importance
that accurate website analytics play. The value that is able to be derived and also added to your business from the study of detailed website analytics is huge in the extreme. With the introduction of services such as google analytics businesses online were able to find out great information about their websites visitors and usability, and then make valued decisions and changes that added money to the bottom line.

However such services are today classed as traditional and only provide a certain level of website analysis. But with the web 2.0 advancement in technology, you now have the ability to access a cutting edge service for free to watch complete movies recorded of every visitor to your website. You can analyze complete heatmaps of every single movement they make in every browsing session they undertake. Just this ability alone provides all the information needed to improve your websites usability, conversions and revenue by a massive amount.

In-Page web analytics will maxamize your conversions of online forms, optimize your landing pages and simplify your testing of website usability. It can also minimize your visitors shopping cart abandonment which will obviously make you more sales and profits.Any questions that you may have about this superb service that all the top dogs are using and profiting from are answered below. Their name is ClickTale and they work.

How is ClickTale different from traditional web analytics?

ClickTale is a brand new approach to website analysis and optimization. While traditional web analytics provide aggregated visitor data across web pages, we provide information about individual visitor behavior inside the web page. We show website owners movies of browsing sessions, as well as meaningful reports of behavior inside their webpage by aggregating thousands of visitor sessions. Now, website owners can gain a deeper understanding of visitor behavior, which leads to improved website usability, enhanced navigation, and increased overall website effectiveness.

How is ClickTale different from other website recording services?

ClickTale is a mature and reliable site-analysis service that has been running for over a year on thousands of production websites. ClickTale-enabled pages have been visited over 100 million times and over one million pages have been recorded. We offer Heatmaps for an aggregate view of your data, advanced search capabilities, automatic tagging, and recording of https pages such as checkout and login pages.

Unlike other solutions, we cache your pages' HTML at the time of the recording, so the movies you see are absolutely accurate. We are also the only solution that works with member-only, password protected, session based and intranet websites. We have an advanced API to ease the integration of complicated scenarios and we have implemented innovative, patent-pending technology which doesn't interfere with your visitor's browsing experience. We also use a third party Content Delivery Network to deliver our files to your visitors. So even in the rare event that our servers are down, your website will remain unaffected and continue to be protected by a large distributed server network.

How does ClickTale work?

ClickTale is a hosted service, so no software installation on the server or client side is needed and visitors can browse your website as they always have. Account setup takes only a few minutes. As with other web analytics packages, website owners add a small piece of JavaScript code to their web pages. The JavaScript collects browsing data and transmits it to the ClickTale servers for processing. ClickTale creates movies of browsing sessions in minutes, and website owners can log-in securely at any time to view these movies.

Will ClickTale affect visitors’ browsing experience?

Website visitors do not notice any difference in their browsing since ClickTale is optimized to minimize the use of CPU and bandwidth resources. Visitors download approximately 10K of JavaScript, which remains in their cache and does not need to be downloaded again. Visitors upload approximately 2K of data per page which also does not have a noticeable impact on their browsing.

Will the ClickTale script interfere with other javascript code?

No, ClickTale will not interfere with the javascript used by other packages such as Google Analytics.

How will visitors’ privacy be affected?

Website visitors remain anonymous. However, if a visitor decides to identify themselves to a website by logging in, and the specific login page is being recorded, then ClickTale will capture the visible information. Masked passwords are not recorded. ClickTale can not record any activity outside of the specific web page or outside of the browser: no personal files are recorded, no internet history, and no interactions with locally installed software. Also, ClickTale does not track visitors between websites.

Can I use ClickTale to find bugs in my website?

Yes, when a website owner detects an error in their web server log, they can identify particular sessions that led to the specific pages, or sessions that originated from a particular IP address at a certain time. The website owner can then search for those specific sessions and watch movies of what happened to understand the source of the error. In addition, client side JavaScript errors are logged inside the recording.

Can ClickTale record member-only areas and secure pages?

Yes, ClickTale can record pages protected by a log-in, as well as https pages such as shopping carts. Sensitive fields can be omitted. Detailed explanations are available to subscribers through the ClickTale User Forum.

Will you record all my website visitors?

Not usually. ClickTale typically records a random subset of your daily visitors. The number of daily recordings is limited by the level of your subscription plan and the criteria you choose.

Do you work with flash?

Yes. A few simple adjustments to your HTML code will allow ClickTale to work with flash on a limited basis.

Are you watching me now? What color shirt am I wearing?

ClickTale can’t and doesn’t record the physical body of the visitor. ClickTale only records the actions that the visitor makes while browsing a specific website.

Can you record the audio?

There are no plans to record audio. If you want to allow your website visitors to leave you audio messages, you can use Odeo or similar services.

What OS and browsers do you support?

The most recent ClickTale release supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox on all major operating systems. We plan to support most up to date browsers and Operating Systems.

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