Rarely do you find insights that truly qualify as ‘breakthroughs’ – the kind you can put to use immediately and produce huge financial returns for your business.

So when I found this gem I had to share it with you.

It’s called ‘The 30% Solution’ and is the brain-child of legendary direct marketer and copywriter Clayton Makepeace.

It’s just one of the tools he’s used to QUADRUPLE four major direct marketing companies… attract more than 3 million new customers… and sell over $1 Billion in products through direct mail and on the Internet.

Here’s the 30% Solution in a nutshell:

Your marketing is designed to:

1) Attract more customers …

2) Sell more things to those customers, more often, and …

3) Increase the amount of money each customer spends on each purchase.

Do those three, simple things, and you can’t help but grow. Do them well, and your growth can be explosive.

Here’s how boosting 5 key metrics by just 30 percent INSTANTLY TRIPLES sales:

One way Makepeace creates quantum growth for his clients is by “keeping it simple” – aiming for a reasonable, easily “doable” 30% boost in each of five key metrics:

1. Increasing the number of new customer promotions per year …

2. Increasing the size of each new customer acquisition promotion…

3. Increasing the response rate to each of these mailings…

4. Increasing the number of times each customer orders per year, and …

5. Increasing the size of each of those orders.

How much of an increase in revenues will compounding those five, 30% bumps give you?

Clayton shows you the numbers in detail and why they give you a startling 291% increase in sales and profits.

He goes on to show how this method created more than $1.7 million in just 60 DAYS for one of his clients… and generated a yearly increase of 281% in sales, which amounted to an extra $105 million for his client.

And that gem is from just 4 pages of content from his 231 page book; DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS in 12 MONTHS OR LESS.

In the other 227 pages he reveals an enormous amount of information from his 35 years as a direct marketing consultant and copywriter – 177 sure-fire ways to attract new customers and multiply your sales and profits.

And I can’t recommend it highly enough. Click the link below to find out more about it because this is one of those rare treasures that will honestly multiply your sales and profits in short order.


You can bet your bottom-dollar I’m putting these gems to work for me in my business and hopefully you will too.

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