In case you haven’t heard, The Great Copywriting Conspiracy report – which details how a 55-year-old biker generated over $22 million in 6 weeks on the Internet – has become something of an instant marketing phenomenon.

It’s averaging over 1,000 new readers a day – and the numbers are still growing!

While many have praised it as “breakthrough” … “extraordinary” … “loaded with info that immediately made me money” … it’s also had its fair share of naysayers.

You see, the critics wanted The Great Copywriting Conspiracy to go even deeper into nitty-gritty, specific writing secrets that can be used to immediately make more money online.

They want their response, sales and profits to explode RIGHT NOW.

Well … Tony and Clayton (the authors) listened. And that’s where their next special report comes in.

It’s called, The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads – and it details how you can more easily persuade ANY type of Internet visitor to buy your products or services.

Why is this info so urgently needed today more than ever?

Well … if you’ve been selling anything on the Internet in recent years, you’ve probably experienced the following challenges:

- Prospects really only want to read e-mails from friends (NOT marketers) …

- They get easily bored – and the second you bore them, they’re off doing something else …

- Their attention spans are shorter, yet their demand for entertainment is higher …

- They want you to speak THEIR “lingo” – if you don’t, you’re immediately labeled as an “outsider” and ignored …

Fortunately, the ONE SECRET revealed in The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads counters all of these problems. Just put it to work, and watch as the following happens to all of your Internet marketing efforts:

- Your copy – even if you’re not that good of a writer – becomes much more FUN to read, and your prospects pay closer attention to everything you say …

- Because they enjoy reading your stuff – they stick with you longer …

- Your prospects see you as a friend – a “cool” regular person who they can trust – which drops their “advertising defenses” and allows them to happily hear your sales pitch …

- And this causes them to buy a LOT more from you!

It’s really quite simple. Just put this secret to work – which you’ll discover how to easily do in the pages of The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads – and you can’t help but sell more and make more from every marketing piece you create.

Talk to you soon,

Tony Markx

PS – I’ve personally read this report and it rocks. It’s filled with nothing but actionable, moneymaking content. But I’ll be honest with you: It’s part of a bigger product launch sequence – and so I don’t think it’s going to be available for very long.

My advice? Go here and download your copy before the page is taken down:

The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads