There can be no more of an important factor in your Online business than customer service at all levels. A recent " insiders " survey of some of the biggest names in the business revealed what they all thought was the absolute No.1 most imperative rule to adhere to without fail. It was an overwhelming response of superior customer service in everything that You do.

However when they said " in everything You do " they did not just mean in regards to Your correspondence and communication with your customers as most of us would think. They meant exactly what is says, " everything ", this means that all your information, products, services and overall business as a whole must always be of great high quality that is focused on giving not only superior customer service but a fantastic customer experience.

They all said that they would not have been in business online for at least 8yrs+ and all be very successful with very large list numbers if their business plans first mission statement was not to provide the best customer service at all levels in regards to their own respective businesses. All the very best systems, software and business know-how is all very well and good plus an integral part of your plan as well, however if it is not under-pinned, focused and built around always providing the best customer service, the very real odds are that your business will be very short lived.

Everyone of the surveyed " insiders " said that the one key to their own businesses success and continuing it's longevity was customer service in all aspects. They each all have been able to build very valuable customer lists of several 100,000's by always providing top level customer service. The long-term viability of their businesses is only ever possible and sustainable by receiving the loyalty of their customers. They therefore understand the vital importance that all customer service and experience must lead to securing long-term loyalty or their business would be dead in the water.

No matter what type of online business you might be in, you simply can not afford not to do an instant review of all your business and make a new plan that involves building everything you do around delivering the ultimate customer service and experience at all levels. The " insiders " above worth millions are obviously doing something that works well, Right ? Of course they are, and that is always sticking to the No.1 rule. Customer Service is everything, and every thing is Customer Service Period.