More and more these days it seems like anyone and everyone who is anyone is on MySpace, originally it was mainly used by teenager's and people probably involved someway or another with the entertainment industry, trying to get themselves heard, seen or found or their music listened to. In a very short amount of time though MySpace has literally exploded from just a few members to millions of members from all around the world who are communicating and conversing on many different platforms about an endless array of topics, ideas, views and beliefs, and continues to grow at a very fast rate each and every day. The rate of content addition to this website alone in just one day is beyond belief along with the sheer massive amounts of eye's who are looking at it.

This astounding phenomenon has made MySpace one of the most popular websites around today and an absolute necessity for those who want to make friends through an online community or find old friends with whom they have lost contact, plus also a huge resource for gaining business leads and contacts which further lead to long-term relationships/partnerships if used properly and within MySpace Guidelines.

It has become one of the first places many Internet users turn to when they want to learn more about someone in particular or make new friends or even find trusted information from someones blog entries, answers to questions they may have or just start or join a conversation related to their own interests with like-minded members etc, etc.

A few years ago the term, “Google it” became synonymous for the practice of using a search engine to find more information about a particular person or subject. Internet users were using the term “Google it” even when they were using different search engines because the name Google had been branded so well and permanentaly tattooed on our brains it became somewhat of a generic term for search engine.

MySpace is well on its way to becoming the brand synonymous with online communities. Although there are other websites which offer similar services, MySpace is quickly becoming the most dominant one with the most market share and depth of different users from all geographic locations and all demographics.

Who is On MySpace?

The answer to this question is just about everyone. While this answer is not nearly true it is also very appropriate. It is not nearly true because in terms of factual evidence, despite the large number of MySpace members, there are still many more people in the world who do not participate in the MySpace online community.

However, an answer of everyone to this question is also fitting because individuals from different cultures around the world and different age groups are all using MySpace, not only because they understand the massive ease of great User Usability it provides them, and the power it allows to give Yourself a voice on the world-stage and then be heard, read or engaged in a conversation, but also just the power to be Yourself.

Unlike online message boards and discussion forums where members are usually somewhat similar and share a particular interest, there are members who are vastly different in the MySpace community. MySpace members represent just about all nationalities, sexual orientations, financial levels, occupations, political beliefs, religions and other variables. While it is true that members who are vastly different may not be interacting to a tremendous extent on MySpace there is certainly a representation from all walks of life on MySpace, and finding where people are who also share the same interests, ideas and views as yourself is easy by using the simple search function.

MySpace Lurkers

We have already discussed the extent of members on MySpace but the MySpace community is really much larger than the membership of the website. It is important to note that members’ websites are viewable to the public unless they are specifically designated as private websites. This means many members’ websites can be viewed by those who do not join MySpace. These individuals are known as lurkers and they effectively increase the size of the community by an immeasurable number day-in and day-out, Now, the vast majority of these lurkers are not a problem and you must remember that they shop, buy and sell and seek information with their eye's as well as the rest of us, so these Lurkers are just another free bonus by having a Profile on MySpace and should not be ignored .

Lurkers may be completely harmless individuals who are just looking to read about others or looking to find helpful information but who have no interest in sharing their own personal information or using yours against you or they can be predators. The latter is more serious because these lurkers can use the information they find on MySpace to stalk or otherwise harass members of their own community. Many members of MySpace include both pictures and their hometown on their MySpace profile. This information can be used, by unscrupulous predators, to gather more information about the individual. For this reason the up most care should always be used when thinking about posting your personal information on MySpace.

Why Aren’t You on MySpace?

If you aren’t on MySpace, many of your friends may wonder why especially if they use this community. In fact many members of MySpace join simply as a way to have fun and keep in touch with their friends and relatives. However, there are number of reasons some individuals may not join MySpace. For many, time constraints is a significant factor which leads them to avoid joining MySpace. MySpace can become somewhat addicting with members spending increasing amounts of time updating their website or searching for new friends in the community. Also a growing number of workplaces are or trying to block the use of MySpace along with many schools as well joining the social-network website bans and boycotts.

Others may not participate in MySpace because they find some websites in the community to be offensive. There are guidelines regarding the types of materials which can be posted on MySpace but there is always the potential for questionable materials to escape the attention of the MySpace administrators. There is also the possibility that members will be offended by content that is permissible.

The main thing to remember when it comes to MySpace is to always stay within the guidelines whenever using the site for whatever it is that you are publishing. By doing the right thing you will always keep the moderators and community members happy for the most-part while not running the risk of being banned and losing all the content and time spent on your own pages, let alone the access to networks already built. This especially is applicable if thinking of using MySpace to make money. There is a right way to do this and a wrong way, if you want to know more about how to achieve this and see how others are making money with MySpace Fast. Then go here now and Learn the Proven Tricks : People are doing this everyday and making great money while riding the ever-growing Phenomenon that is MySpace social Networking