Does free advertising still work ? You bet it does. Yes the way you can achieve success from free advertising has changed over time and will continue to do so in the future. However the underlying fact that any business or individual wanting to sell anything needs to be able to advertise to find people to buy from them will never change. Advertising has and will always be a facility that is needed by everyone at some time or another.

If you are running or even starting an online venture in any way you will be aware that advertising is one of the most important assets your business has to have, while also becoming likely the most expensive as well if you was to be using a PPC ( Pay Per Click ). Using free advertising can still be very effective if used correctly, such as writing unique content articles laced with targeted affiliate links plus a well thought out resource box that makes readers want to click your link and submitting them to article directories is still a great free advertising method that works today.

Another very successful way to use free advertising is to actually be a website owner that provides a free classifieds service that allows other people to place ads for nothing. Want Proof, just look at CraigsList, it makes it's owners an estimated $90+ million a year from a website that predominantly offers a free classifieds service.
The online advertising business is worth billions and growing every year.

There is more than enough room in the market-place for anyone to make money online by providing advertising solutions. Online business owners and Sellers are always on the constant look-out for new websites to place their ads, so why not start your own. If you want to find out more about how you can start your own free classifieds website and make great money each month then go here now :

By having your own free classifieds website you will have the ability to generate automatic fresh free leads to market your products too while they are on your website searching through ads or posting them as well as growing your own list at the same time ( invaluable ). You can generate sales by promotion of your affiliate links with-in the site as well as mailings to your subscribers ( invaluable ).You can even make money by selling chunks of advertising space on your site to other promoters.
With a little bit of work and savvy marketing your free classifieds site could grow very fast along with your bank balance.

All this can be a reality and is from providing a simple but always in demand service that is free advertising. Advertising and the need for it will never stop, making it one of the best business models to follow and achieve success. Just a slither of that billion dollar advertising business can mean millions of people looking for places just like your site to advertise while making you a very wealthy and happy person at the same time.

Free advertising is alive and very well if used the smart way and to your advantage, never under-estimate the power that you can still give your business by utilizing these tactics. Whether you are already well established or just starting your business online, the very value of free advertising can and is huge for you and an important factor you should not deny.