This Is How-To Turn Your SalesLetter Into A Definite Cash Sucking Machine On Auto-Pilot

If you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that your sales copy
Should and always be the number one determining factor as
to whether your salesletter sells or not then boy do I have some
news for you.

This is complete and utter rubbish. Yep you heard me. Rubbish!

Now don’t get me wrong. Your copy should be persuasive, it should
Be well written, it should engage your readers and it should bring
In consistent results.

But sales copy shouldn’t be the only weapon in your marketing
Arsenal. Not for a long mile.

Graphics, layout and presentation have risen to become as equally
important to a salesletter as the copy itself. If all elements are perfected, working in unison, these four key elements together can create some seriously high converting marketing pieces.

I recently stumbled upon a brand new design studio called ‘Pulp
Minisites’ that specializes in turning poor performing salesletters
into cash-sucking sales machines. And no, they don’t use sales
copy to achieve this. They use graphics, design elements and
formatting techniques to do all this and more.

But the thing that makes these guys different than your everyday
freelance minisite designer is the fact they’re a real design studio,
they have a real team with a real office and treat their operation as
a real business. In other words, they’re not your typical minisite
designer working out of a basement.

It looks as though these guys have some really big plans for the
Internet marketing niche. But are they the real deal or are they just
More ‘hot air’. Judging by the quality of their work I think these
Guys are going to nail this niche – not only are their designs superior
But their designs makes your salesletters sell and that’s the mot
Important thing.

See for yourself:

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