PLR Articles Part 1 - Three Ways to Quickly Make Your PLR Articles Avoid the Google Duplicate Content Filter

Just like Cecil Fletcher of Simi Valley, California, you just bought a PLR pack from Unique PLR Article Packs dot com. However, when you checked out a sample article on, you found that there were 7565 other articles on the web that were identicle! What do you do?

As you may know, PLR articles are one of the quickest ways to get a huge amount of content. In fact, it is so easy it is almost idiot proof. However, just like Cecil you will soon find that if you use those articles right out of the box, they will actually harm your business. The search engines will soon recognize that your content is the same as many other sites. You will then be close to last in the search engine listings. You might even be banned. So, are all those PLR articles worth anything? Yes, because...

Here are three things that can rapidly make your article unique according to the search engines:

1) Add an Introductory Paragraph

Make up a problem scenario. Look at the scenario in the first paragraph of this article. It was just off the cuff. But, it made you read the rest (at least up to here).

2) Add a Quote

Pick a relevant and interesting or even funny quote that you can put in your article like this:


Go with the flow..


The quote can add interest to your article and the search engines like Myriad Search will consider it more unique. You may wish to put the quote at different places in your article if you use it in different places.

3) Change the Ending to the Article

Changing the last paragraph in the article is not as vital as the changing the beginning. The reason is, that you normally will also be adding a resource box. And the search engines seem to put more weight on the unique qualitites of the beginning paragraph of the article. However, it will help you to change the last paragraph a little.

You can either easily accomplish that by adding another paragraph if that is appropriate. Or you can change the last paragraph.

Change up the conclusion. You can make it fit better with your personality. And you can make it more fitting for the purpose of your website. Whether you are trying to send traffic to one special affiliate or your own service, the ending is often important to get someone to perform the way you want them to.

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