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So I thought I'd share
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Hold the horses though! Because I want you
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What's more important than the keywords is
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See if you can figure out why?

Here's the keywords...

-Beyonce Wigs- 8100 searches per month! Competition
is p-r-e-t-t-y easy with only 16,000 exact match competition.
-Beyonce Front Lace Wigs - 2000 searches per month!! Only
318 competition. (Just write an article and you'll be on
the first page...easy!)
Another type of wig in HUGE demand!
-Remy Front Lace Wigs- 5400 searches last month and only
1,180 competition!

Now get this!

These wigs go for an average of $400


And they sell...Sell...SELL...

Here's a popular shop (boasting 10,000 happy customers):


Some of the highest grossing Paypal shops in the beauty category are
shops on all kinds of celebrity wigs.


Beyonce is NOT the only celebrity women
want to emulate.

Jessica Alba
Jennifer Hudson
Ashley Simpson
Reese Witherspoon
Eva Longoria
Whitney Houston
Halle Berry
Tyra Banks

And it goes on and on and on!

You could nail top spots on most of those celebrity
names in conjunction with 'wig' or 'lace wig'.

This is also an EVERGREEN niche...meaning
it will always be there. They were selling wigs back
in the 1700's and they'll sell today and they'll sell
100 years from now.

Can you smell the money?

Do you fully understand why this is such
a lucrative niche?


Women have a burning passion to be attractive,
beautiful and be like the people they admire.

This is SUCH a great market!

(Cosmetics do NOT suffer during economic bad
times either)

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