This article will look at a very important element of making money from niche marketing.

One of the often overlooked factors that determines the income of the successful niche marketers that you hear about is their ability to continually produce profitable sites at a rapid rate after they have found a formula that works.

This will seem like a stupid question but, if you could make a niche mini site that would generate just $200 per month in income, wouldn't you want to create as many of those little sites as you could?

Of course you'd like to create plenty of them and that's exactly what successful niche marketers do. They build EMPIRES of these things.

So what is an empire? A niche site empire is a cluster of small but profitable mini sites that is continually growing. New sites are continually being added and the old sites are continually being maintained, fed new content, improved etc.

The principle of creating a niche site empire is that not every site you create will be profitable but by making them in large numbers you will be testing first hand which niches are the most profitable and which aren't worth your time.

Think about this: You know the 80/20 principle right? That 20% of your actions will account for 80% of your results? The same applies to niche marketing. 80% of your income will come from just 20% of the sites you make. While this isn't a bad thing, it does mean that 4/5 sites you make won't be as profitable as you'd like but 1 in 5 sites will be an absolute home run.

So that means to find that home run, killer niche site that can do 4 figures a month on its own you have to have the ability to create 5 niche sites. Are you following? It means the chances are if you want 10 great, super high profit niche site you'll need to pump out 40 or 50 sites to find those 10.

Now it seems like those are bad odds and it is true that the majority of people trying to make money from niche marketing aren't going to do what it takes to find those 10 profitable niches and sites.

But that's only because creating the kind of empire I'm talking about has in the past been too difficult. Building sites, then promoting them, then updating them, then managing them can be a nightmare if you're trying to do it alone.

We are fortunate that today the information and resources required to help someone make create such an empire are more readily available.

This means that with the right attitude and a little bit of old fashion dedication, anyone can become an online and niche marketing superstar.

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