Need Super Affiliates?

How would you like to have a Super Affiliate promote your product next week? Here’s how you can get it done.
Do you think getting the top “ EXPERTS ” in your market to promote your product could help your bottom line? Of course it would, and here’s how you can not only get their attention, but also get them excited to promote your stuff.
Getting the attention of Super affiliates isn’t easy, unless you use one of the 8 strategies that guarantee success.

Let me tell you a secret… One of the best ways to grow your business fast is to attract super affiliates. Just one of those big guns can quickly double or triple your sales just by sending an email out to his list. The problem is, it’s not all that easy to get the attention of these guys, unless you do it right.

Believe me, shooting them an email and telling them how much money they can make promoting your product isn’t going to cut it – I tried and got 0 responses from it. Then I came across “8 Ways to Attract Super Affiliates” by Jimmy D. Brown.

So far I’ve only tried a few of the strategies Jimmy suggests in the report and already have not just one, but a few big affiliates interested in promoting my product. In case you’re curious, I’ve mostly used strategy 2 and 5 so far. Strategy 2 took about 20 minutes to implement and then I spent about another hour finding and contacting 15 super affiliates in my market.

Strategy 5 took a little longer to implement, but was well worth every minute it took. Not only did it result in quite a few sales whenever an affiliate did a mailing, I’m also seeing a steady trickle of sales every week from it long after the initial mailing.

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To your success,
Tony Markx

P.S. Can you afford not to get some super affiliates on board?